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  JGM Property Group Inc.
Phone: 810-765-4800
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504 S. Water Street, Marine City, MI  48039

JGM Property Group Inc.   -Online Tools-
JGM Property Group provides a library of resources for our vendors. This includes tutorials, videos, descriptions, checklist, guidelines,access letters, vacancy postings,door cards, sign in sheets, etc.  Use the Vendor Resources Link to the right.

If you do not already have a password to access these resources please contact your CSR to obtain one. 
JGM Property Group utilizes a Live Portal for many of our Preservation and HUD work orders. Here you are able to view and submit you work orders and pictures to JGM.

If you do not have a username and  password to access the portal please contact IT Department to obtain one. 
 JGM Property Group utilizes InspectorADE  on many of our Residential & Commercial Inspection orders to assist in returning inspection results.

If you do not have a username and  password to access InspectorADE please contact IT Department or Help Desk to obtain one. 
Tools you will need in the Field:
Helpful tutorials  for Residential Inspectors
GPS Device
Digital Camera
 * With GPS built in
Voltage Tester
Ruler/Measuring Tape
Accordion Binder
Smartphone *Required
Property Inspectors:
HUD Contractors & Inspectors:
All JGM Vendors:
Helpful tutorials  for HUD, REO, and P&P Contractors
 PropertyPresWizard  Tutorials
REO/Rehab and Preservation Contractors:
JGM Property Group utilizes PropertyPresWizard for many of our Preservation and REO work orders.  Here you are able to view and submit you work orders and pictures, as well as provide bids for any damages present at a property.
Training Video on how to use PPW. 
Click Here
Online Training Manual. 
Click Here
Listed are some popular Routing programs. Microsoft's Streets &Trips, MapPoint are now discontinued but still widely used. myscenicdrives is a free online software, and Route Advantage is a routing software offered directly through InspectorADE 

*Above are tutorials on how to route your inspections.

**Click the photo to visit the Website or to download a trial copy of the software.